Monday, December 19, 2011

And We Are Off....

(I haven't blogged in forever, it's my intention to get caught up over break and at least finish the 4 posts I have in my drafts...)

Today Robert and I are beginning our 18 hour adventure of a drive up to Michigan. We're driving my 85 year old grandparents up so we can spend Christmas up North. We have been doing this same drive since I was born, but it's a little different with the grandparents....

I'm really hoping this year will be a lot more uneventful than the last trip. Nancy and I got stuck for 8 hours in WV. An 18 wheeler overturned and 31 cars slid of the road trying to avoid it. Needless to say it was a disaster, they called the national guard, and we sat still with the car off for 8 hours. The normal 2 day trip turned into a very exhausting 3 day trip.

This is what last trip looked like... Say a prayer and cross your fingers we have a smooth trip so we can enjoy our White Christmas!!!

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