Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Peyton,

Dear Peyton,
I've been worried about your neck since the end of last season.  I'm bummed you had that anterior fusion to fix those pesky nerves and couldn't play against Houston...boy did we miss you!  I know you said 'you'll miss the team more than they miss you'--thanks for being humble but that is false.
I really don't want to cheer for Kerry Collins, or heaven forbid Curtis Painter.  They're not as cute as you and definitely can't control the offense at the line of scrimmage like you do.  Please don't stop watching films with the receivers--you are still the quarterback and they desperately need your help!
Hope those vertebrae fuse together correctly and nerves regenerate quickly.  Can't wait to see #18 under center really soon.

PS-tell Mosley and Marshall I said hey!
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