Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Operation Stock the Freezer

I'm going to be traveling 2 days a week this Fall for my practicum.  {the jury is still out on where I'll be...but I'm crossing my fingers for a hospital in Greenville} So I decided I needed to get ahead of the ballgame on some meal planning/making. Many freezer meals are made with pasta {aka not GF} or pretty unhealthy {which doesn't help with the calorie counting} The solution I found was '1 Month of Make Ahead Meals'...basically the idea is to make and freeze 5 building block main ingredients and from those you can make 20 different recipes.  I'll have to admit a few are a few weird ones I won't make, but the majority of the recipes look pretty good--Spanish Rice with Shrimp, Pork&Avocado Tacos, Brunswick Stew, Lemon Chicken Frittata, Pork Fried Rice and Spinach&Pepper Calzones,  just to name a few.  I couldn't find the article or recipes online but they're in Rachael Ray's September magazine article '1 Month of Make Ahead Meals'
This is what I started with at 11:30am
And after a few hours of cooking this is was the final spread
tomato sauce, chopped chicken, pepper&onions, butternut squash,
pulled pork, and rice pilaf



  1. So far it smells good..Can't wait to try meal number 1!

  2. I'm impressed with the clean freezer!



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