Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Decorate for Fall on $50 or less..

1. Glass Pumpkin (I won when I was 10)  with $ Store Candy Corn
2. Autumn garland from Joanne's + $ Store pumpkins + Candles and Leaves from Hobby Lobby
3. Garage Sale Jack-O-Lantern
4. Free Fall Printable + Owl bookend with ribbon + $ Store pumpkins
5. Owl Light (a birthday present)
6. Straw wreath and small pumpkins from Hobby Lobby with ribbon + Mason jar with candy corn + yet another owl
7. Hurricane filled with split peas, kidney beans, popcorn kernels, and a candle + another owl gift
8. See #6 with printable from #4
9. Give Thanks plate from Joanne's + Garage Sale Kitten Jack-O-Lanterns + Fall Bucket List for Southern Belles printable + Wine glasses with $ Store pumpkins, candles, and ribbon

Having an extensive Chi O owl collections helps :)
Happy Fall!

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