Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girl's Trip(s)

Before I came back to school I got to spend some time with the girls.  We spent a few days at Kiawah and then the next week we were on to Lake Murray.  
At Kiawah we laid by the pool, relaxed at the beach in the afternoons, and celebrated Hannah's 19th Birthday at night.  

Me, Caitlyn, Catherine

Happy Birthday Hannah!
Our 'impromptu' birthday cake...
rice krispie treat with petits fours in the shape of 19! 

Then at Caitlyn's we jet skiied on the lake, laid out on the dock, and took the boat to a local dinner spot on Lake Murray.  

{Funny Story: after a trip to Aruba Caitlyn's mom (Chryl) saw a banana boat and told her husband (Tom) that'd be fun to get for the lake.  Wellll Tom couldn't find one, so he got her a hot dog instead which Chryl did not think was acceptable--nonetheless it is now at the lake and we took full advantage!}

Boat Ride to dinner at the Rusty Anchor
Dinner with the O's
It was such a great way to wrap up the beginning of summer before I moved back to Columbia, Caitlyn went to NYC, Hannah started classes, and Catherine started all her vacations.
It's so weird to look at the picture of all of us with Grace (Caitlyn's sister who's in 4th grade) and think we were friends at that age!  

'I thank God for friends here till the end that get me
I'm so lucky'
-Stealing Angels

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