Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Thompson & Chicken Lasagna Recipe

On Friday afternoon I went to see Vanessa and Baby Trey.  Trey was born wedding weekend so he just celebrated his 2 week birthday!  He has changed so much in 2 weeks...

Vanessa lived with Caitlyn's family for a while and we've been friends for years.  I remember her first date with her husband, then when they got married, she graduated, and now they have a precious baby boy!  Thanks so much for letting me come over and love on Baby Trey--he is precious

Christmas at the Oenbrink's 2007
Vanessa's Graduation party
I've been wanting to try some freezer meals so I figured this would be a perfect time.  However Vanessa cooks for a what do you make for someone who is good at cooking everything??  I tried the Chicken Lasagna from over at {Love My Freezer Dinners}  It was so easy and the chef herself asked me for the recipe! haha  I also made some Banana Bread (and a few handfuls of chocolate chips just happen to jump into the batter)
Dinner and Dessert pre-packaging

Chicken Lasagna
8oz package Lasagna Noodles, cooked 
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup 
1 Can Cream of Mushroom Soup 
8oz Sour Cream 
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese, shredded 
½ Cup Onion, Chopped (minced onion will do) 
½ teaspoon Garlic Salt or Powder 
4 Cups Chicken, cooked and cut up *I used rotis chicken
16oz Cheddar Cheese, shredded 

Mix Soups, Sour Cream, Parmesan Cheese, Onion, and Garlic Salt/Powder together. 
Place layer of Noodles in bottom of greased 9x13 pan. Place ½ of sauce mixture on top of noodles followed by ½ of Chicken and 1/3 of Cheddar Cheese. 
Repeat another layer of above. 

Freezer Instructions: Use heavy duty foil to cover. Layer a couple times to avoid freezer burn. 

Cooking Instructions: Thaw. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, covered. Remove cover and add remaining cheese, bake an additional 15 minutes.

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