Thursday, July 21, 2011

Charleston Weekend

Every Sunday when I get back to Columbia I vow I won't go to Charleston that weekend.  However 90% of the time I get a phone call or text about something going on in Charleston that I don't want to miss---so the bag gets packed and the car gets filled up with gas again for the all to familiar 100 mile trip that I could navigate in my sleep!

This past weekend was Catherine's 21 Birthday Celebrate. How could I miss that?!  We met at Santi's for dinner.  {The best mexican food in the Charleston area...if you live close go!! The scenery is nothing to write home about aka in an old waffle house but the food is delish!}  Then went to East Bay for a few drinks.  I am reminded every time I go downtown why I love it so much!

Saturday morning Doug and I went to grab brunch at another favorite spot, Caviar and Bananas {weird name, awesome food}  Then wandered over to the Farmer's Market in Marion Square.  Reasons #4837282 and 4837283 why I love CHS.

 It's pretty bad that I only took pictures of food and not of us or the farmers market...oh well. 
Saturday and Sunday afternoon were supposed to be spent at Kiawah...but we both caught the post wedding illness aka colds and strep.  So instead we hung out with my fam and watched the British Open/World Cup.
So now I'm back in Columbia making a rule that I won't think about weekend plans til Wednesday and I'm not driving anywhere this weekend! We shall see :)


  1. I went to Santi's last weekend too!! hahah Wonder if we were there at the same time!

  2. Love your hair...some pretty awesome person must've done that! :)
    I enjoy your Charleston weekends...usually presently surprised when I come home Thurs or Fri to see you there!



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