Monday, July 25, 2011

Date Night and Playdate

Last Tuesday I went on a dinner and a movie date...with an 11 year old :)  Grace is my friend's little sister and I love hanging with her.  Grace and I went to see Cars 2 and ate Chick Fil A in the theater (rebels).  It was cute and we had a blast!

But during the previews I 2 noitced things:
1) The new Spy Kids movie (I've never seen any of them) but in the 4th one the main character wears a hearing aid!  As a nerdy SLP student I thought this was pretty cool to see in the media!

2) The Lion King 3D is coming to theaters in the Fall!!  This was my favorite movie growing up... I know where I'll be on September 16th!

Then on Wednesday I went to my standing weekly playdate with Fin.  I swear I spend the whole time laughing at all the funny things he says or does!  This week was pretending to dip his hot dogs into his applesauce instead of the ketchup.  He thought it was hilarious to sike me out on every single bite!  

gotchya it's in the sauce!

Had so much fun hanging out with the kiddos! 

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