Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Roommate

So Christie and I got a new roommate--my brother!  Robert is staying with us for the month of July while he takes a summer class at USC.  It was way easier for him to just stay with me for a few weeks than deal with the hassle of moving in and out of a dorm for like 3 weeks.  (and not to mention he would have had to move in the day after the wedding and he didn't have the first dorm room item)

I'm glad he's staying with me but the challenge presents in the cooking and maybe the dirty soccer goalie laundry.  I'm used to cooking for the roomie and I.  Dinner can consist of a salad and a veggie--that doesn't exactly fly with a college guy training for a few hours a day.  So now the search begins for low calorie (per my request) , mostly GF (per Christie's request or requirement rather), and A LOT of good food (per Robert's wish).

Last night I made Loaded Turkey Nachos from Gina's Skinny Recipes.  When I laid out the chips on the pan I thought for sure I had made too much and we'd never finish that many!  W-r-o-n-g!  The 4 of us (Robert brought a plus 1 soccer friend) finished every last chip. It was easy and pretty tasty.

So here starts my quest for healthy, guy approved dinners!  Suggestions are welcome :)

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