Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Productive Memorial Day

Since we had to be back to school on Memorial Day, my roommate and I decided we'd at least make it a productive night!  We swapped our normal roles and she cooked while I cleaned/organized.
After we got back from the grocery I decided the freezer had to be cleaned out right this second.  While Christie was on the phone I held up various frozen past-their-prime goodies and she shook her head yes or no.
From the freezer the next logical place was the cabinet right next to the fridge.
{I forgot to take a picture of the before---instead I got a pic of the trashcan of all the stale food/empty boxes}

From there came the spice cabinet---eeek.  Christie and I have collected so many spices, so: 1)  we don't know what we have, 2) they fall on your head every time you open the door, and 3) they were driving us crazy!!!!
So after a little time and alphabetizing, I got our spice under control for the time being!
While I was organizing away, Christie was busy making a delish summer dinner!
Appetizers were tomato, mozzarella, balsamic glaze, and basil.

I'm not even a huge tomato lover--but these were perfectly, ripened!
This glaze is delicious for this dish and using on chicken. I bought it at Publix
Click to view larger product image.
Then grilled chicken and veggie kabobs and quinoa for dinner!

We made the most of our last day of summer vacation!

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  1. The begining of this blog cracked me up, so I had to comment. It reminded me of Robert's favorite game when he'd come to my house..."Guess the expiration date" haha. He'd find something in the pantry or some condiment out of the fridge and hold it up so I could see it was expired and we'd laugh. I swear Monica and I had the same thoughts on the subject (1) Skim milk lasts much longer than the expiration date says, (2) if it's not opened yet, it's not expired, and (3) who has time to clean the fridge or pantry when you're driving to Cola and God knows where for soccer practice or some sporting event...haha. Good times. xoxo



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