Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tybee Island

Post exams we took a little getaway to Tybee, we had a blast!
My roommate's parents have a house that they so graciously let us stay in, within walking distance to the beach = perfect
We did a little bit of cooking and a lot of sunbathing/reading/relaxing--the perfect way to end our first year of grad school

First night we made Upside Down Pizza-so easy and has become a vacation staple
And because it's my tradition to take a 'family dinner picture' with friends at the Kiawah beach house I thought it'd only be appropriate to take one at Tybee...luckily my friend's complied

The next morning we were beach bound---for the entire day!
The Girls
3204 Heyward St Residents!
The rare moment the boys sat still
We wrapped up the night with a little porch time
Me and Emily Ann
The next night I had to drive home to babysit---but the boys made some Lowcountry boil. (aka Frogmore Stew aka Beaufort Stew)
I also tried my first tomato pie courtesy of Emily Ann.  PS I need your recipe!
Smokin Hot Lowcountry Boil :)

Tomato Pie
The last night was just the girls before Christie and I had to go back to take our dreaded exam.  So after a day at the beach we went to a little local dinner joint where we could eat on the dock.

On our way out we made a quick stop to the local breakfast place..The Breakfast Club (featured in Southern Living).  A very eccentric place to say the least---with lost of rules!  But their pecan waffle was yummmmo!

very specific instructions/threats to wait outside

 And then we were homeward bound....

Such a fun trip---thanks so much Christie!!
{and thanks Lindsey and Christie for the pics since my camera was out of commission.}

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