Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Calendar--It's good to be busy!

So looking at the April calendar it's looking pretty busy...
4/9- Elisabeth's bridal shower in Ohio
4/16- Cousin's wedding in NC
4/23- Easter
4/30- Exam week

So all the events, okay with the exception of the last week, are very exciting things to celebrate!
I'll kick off April this weekend with a trip to Williamsburg, Ohio for my sister's first Bridal Shower--but not without a detour to Batesville for a dinner fixed by my uncle (who by the way used to own a restaurant and every.single.thing. he makes is so delicious!)

However before I make it to the weekend I just have to make it through: 3 clients, 1 group session, 4 lectures, 4 SOAP notes, 3 lesson plans, and approximately 5 loads of laundry. All of which will be so worth it to spend the weekend with my sisters (Nancy & Elisabeth) and my wonderful Mom.

{Nancy, Elisabeth and I @ the Williamsburg engagement party}

In the words of Grandma Nancy--we don't let any grass grow under our feet! I will defiantly take packing and unpacking a bag every week so I don't miss out on any family events! :)

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