Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love Easter--always have, always will!
But not compared to my college roommate, Libby. She was obsessed!! Last Spring I was still at FSU and she threw and 'Eggstravaganza Easter Party' at her house for all of our friends, complete with dying eggs and a bunny cake

Guess who's egg this is :)
Miss you Roomie Bird!

Easter traditions at the Beebe house are still going strong.

After we get home from church we do a photo shoot.  My brother and BIL usually do an 'Over Under' contest on the number of different photo combinations we can get.  And there can be a lot with an original family of 6 + 2 significant others.
{PS--if we look a little different in these pics it's because they're from 2008.  Don't know where last years pics are.}

After pictures it's time for baskets.  EB (Easter Bunny) hides our baskets.  Yes we're 26, 24, 21, and 18 and my  Mom still hides our baskets.

Then usually it's time for Easter Brunch.

On the way to Grandma Betty's for brunch

And no matter what city we're in we always celebrate!  Easter 2009 was spent in Tallahassee because the crew was helping me move out of my apartment


Happy Easter!

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