Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun Sunday Night Dinner

Tonight we got a little piece of summer!  It seriously cannot come fast enough!
I decided when I got back from Wilmington (more on that fun wedding later) that I'd much rather cook than do schoolwork--sooo I made dinner for Christie (roommate), her bf Brice, and Lindsey and Severyn (the fabulous neighbors).
Honey BBQ chicken, Pineapple Ritz casserole, and bagged salad = easy Sunday night dinner.

After dinner the boys played catch in the yard and the girls went on a walk minus me because I was writing lesson plans. (reason #298374235 why I can't wait for summer break!)

All in all it was a fun 'last day of weekend' night and now I'm off to get ready for my last Monday sessions of the semester.  I'll have to admit as happy as I am to be finished...I'm going to miss my clients (aka my 'kids' for the semester).
Happy Sunday!

PS- Next week is finally Easter! :)


  1. You should post the recipes for this meal because it was super yummy! :)

  2. It was SOOO yummy!!! Thank you again for dinner :) Sorry I didn't have a camera to take pictures of the meal...but then again, if I had and you posted them...I would be left craving pineapple casserole all day. Ha!



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