Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Reading

We had a WONDERFUL weekend at Elisabeth's bridal shower in Ohio! (and Batesville, and Greenville, and everywhere in between) I'll write a weekend update later this week, after my photographer aka my Mom, edits and uploads the pictures!  

I've caught the summer reading bug a little early so I've started trading text books for 'fun books'...probably not a great plan with finals coming up but nonetheless here we are. During the 1400 mile drive this weekend I read Nowhere, Carolina by Tamara Leigh. 

Nowhere, Carolina: A Novel (Southern Discomfort)
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Funny story...I wandered into Books-A-Million last December to procrastinate studying for finals and stumbled upon this book.  If you know me, I'll read practically anything with the word Carolina in the title.  After I bought the book I read that it was written by a former Speech-Language Pathologist! Perfect!
It was a cute quick read about a girl going back to her hometown and all that her complicated past entails.

Next on the list is The Color of Light by Karen White.  I just started it today, but so far so good!  Last summer I read another one of her books, On Folly Beach and loved it so I'm expecting the same for this one.

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

I won't get to read much tonight--except for The Very Hungry Caterpillar since that's the book I'm using for my lesson plans tomorrow.  Here'e to another busy but great week!

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